Coach teams and partnerships in organisations

High performing teams at the heart of business success

Every business and non-profit organisation strives to innovate, to serve people, and to perform well. At the heart of this is human collaboration.

Everybody talks collaboration and team work, but when the chips are down, how many leaders and teams really have the skills to build true collaboration across all the differences of function, specialisation, seniority, gender, race, culture and personality? ORSC brings a comprehensive framework for addressing collaboration in the real world of business delivery, together with the practical toolkit to address the inevitable conflicts and disagreements that arise.

Team coaching offers an excellent value proposition

Let’s face it, individual coaching for every member of a leadership team is expensive. Yet these are the people who most impact the overall performance of the organisation.

Coaching leadership teams as teams cuts to the heart of many business performance issues at a fraction of the cost – both in time and money – of individual coaching for each member.

More importantly, modern organisations require their leadership teams to collaborate to deliver innovation, customer centricity and performance. ORSC team coaching does that directly, simply and effectively.

Going beyond command and control

Many organisations are seeking to flatten their structures and increase the level of self-management of their teams and build truly agile organisations.

ORSC goes hand in hand with, and draws on the groundbreaking thinkers such as Peter Senge, Frederick Laloux, Margaret Wheatley and Otto Scharmer. The vital role of ORSC trained leaders and coaches is to make practical the vision of empowered, productive, self-managing agile teams .

Lead as if your whole team’s lives depend on it

Lead leaders; don’t just manage managers

In the days when leaders had all the answers, all we had to do was tell our subordinates what to do and manage progress and accountability.

In the new world of work, nobody has all the answers. Our success as an organisation depends on a wide range of fresh thinking, experimentation and team work both within the organisation and with our colleagues and business partners.

This demands the new skills of ORSC.

True leaders listen

… and it is not easy to do that with all the delivery pressures felt by leaders. Leaders who take a form of coach training get skilled at listening to what is wanting to emerge, and making space for the energy in their teams to create unprecedented solutions.

Leaders who train in ORSC get the added bonus that the core listening skill goes beyond the individual, to the wisdom, desires and potential of the whole organisation and the interlocking teams that make it hum.

Create the culture that delivers

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” as observed by Peter Drucker a long time ago.

ORSC training focuses leaders on collaboratively designing the culture and ethos of the team or business as a whole. Ultimately, in the right atmosphere, your people are able to perform.

Every building block of human life involves relationship

Feed the relationship first

Instead of banging on about what is wrong about each other, ORSC focuses the partners or colleagues on what the whole relationship amongst them needs.

Get skilful about the perennial issues

As observed by John Gottman, about two thirds of the problems in any relationship are perpetual.

You probably chose your life partner because s/he is different – now do you think you can make him/her see things your way? And in business, how can sales have anything but different focus and priorities from, say production or finance?

What ORSC assists with is getting about skilful in working with those differences, rather than trying to fix them.

Less about who is doing what to whom…

… and more about what is wanting to emerge.

It’s a mindset. ORSC experts get it more and more in their bones to work, even in the midst of chaos and struggle, with the energetic possibilities that abound.