Moments of Truth 

Building customer relationships when time is short  

Secure your seat.  Coming soon in May!

Coming Soon in May!

Every customer or prospect is trying to get from where they are to a better place. The first moment of truth, the one that every customer and prospect looks out for in every interaction with your organisation is “can you see where I am and where I’m trying to get to?” You won’t typically find this moment on most journey maps but it’s the foundation of all brand loyalty. The big question is, how do you design your customer interactions to answer this question every time, especially when you’re under time pressure? 

This webinar brings together insights from years of delving into both customer experience and relationship systems expertise. It will be practical, interactive, and also give you a taste of what both ORSC training and Game On Performance coaching can bring you. 

What you will walk away with 

  • Insight into designing and co-creating key customer conversations of integrity and value 
  • How value for an employee translates into value for the company 
  • What it takes to have key customer conversations that really engage the authentic humanity of both parties 

Co-facilitators: Mish Middelmann and Gary Segal