Next webinar: ORSC Info Session 18 Nov, registration open

Last Webinar: Towards self-managing teams and organisations – video now live

An international collaboration featuring a living example of a self-managing organisation in Japan

Dreams and realities of self managing organisations

Free webinar 8 am Wednesday 16 October: registration now open

We will be in conversation, live and interactive with Fuyuo Sato, a visionary leader and coach from Japan who works globally and is himself part of a self-managing organisation. While his own organisation has opted for the full Teal evolution, he is clear that every organisation has its own path.

There is no one answer. This webinar will be about where your organisation is now, what edges it needs to cross for its own healthy development, and how we can learn from the experiences of others across the global spectrum. We will also explore how ORSC (Organisation and Relationship Systems coaching and leadership) can contribute to the HOW of organisational change and growth.

Who chooses a path towards self-managing organisations?

Leaders who want to do something in the world, but are tired of doing it alone

The vision of a Teal or Self-Managing Organisation is attracting some of the world’s leading companies. In countless organisations globally, Agile and other practitioners are developing self-managing teams within a variety of organisations. What’s in it for you and your organisation?

Ahead of the ORSC Fundamentals course on 5&6 November, the webinar will provide a sense of what ORSC is and the practical tools you can use to be an effective leader and team player.

The hosts of the webinar – Fuyuo Sato and Mish Middelmann – bring a fascinating blend of Asian and African wisdom and experience.