Thriving ORSC community in Africa

Trained in Africa
Advanced Trained
ORSC Certified Master Practitioners
Black practitioners

See ORSC Africa website for some examples of what the ORSC community has been doing in business, public sector, communities and families in the last few years

Globally Connected

The ORSC methodology was created by CRR Global

CRR Global, with its roots in the Centre for Right Relationship, was founded by a partnership of the South African-born Marita Fridjhon and Dr Faith Fuller of the USA.

If you take the ORSC Advanced Series, you will experience remarkable global/local partnerships: modules led by one global and one local member of the CRR Global Faculty.

ORSC South Africa is part of a global alliance of international partners delivering the ORSC training via an extraordinary Global Faculty in

Locally engaged

The team that brought ORSC back to South Africa in 2012 was led by Mish Middelmann under the name Enterprisecoach up till the end of June 2020.

Team effort

Crucial to the success of ORSC in Africa are the following people:

Ronnie Ndlovu, CRR Global Faculty member and ORSC Certification Supervisor, trailblazing African coach

Refiloe Mokonyane, ORSC administrator and enrolment specialist