People first: the benefits of systems-inspired leadership 

Using ORSC to balance task and relationship  

People First: Systems Inspired Leadership

Wednesday, 22 January at 7pm – 8:11pm (SA Local Time)

Join deeply experienced business leaders with a strong and practical systems focus to grapple with key leadership issues: 

  • How to get things done in a way that truly draws on the wisdom and energy of all the people in the organisation 
  • How to lead in an era of complexity and interdependence – to shift from silo to network to ecosystemic leadership 
  • What can be learned from the rich experience of ORSC and systems-inspired leadership over the last 10+ years 

Join Frank Uit de Weerd, author of forthcoming book on Systems-Inspired Leadership, who brings 25 years of global executive experience in one of the world’s largest companies, and Mish Middelmann who has pioneered ORSC and systems-inspired leadership in sub-Saharan Africa on this live and interactive global webinar. 

Walk away with 

  • Greater clarity on your own role as a leader and in leadership development 
  • Insights from colleagues across diverse organisations, roles and geographies 
  • A taste of ORSC ahead of the 2020 advanced systemic coaching and leadership workshop series starting 16 March 


  • HR and OD practitioners with an eye on strategic leadership development 
  • Business and non-profit leaders wanting to go beyond the silos 
  • Strategic leadership and culture change consultants 
  • Business and team coaches curious about ORSC 

Why Systems Inspired Leadership?

Preview from Frank and Mish

Meet Your Facilitators

Frank Uit de Weerd

Mish Middelmann