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Relationship Systems Intelligence: now more important than ever

The June Virtual ORSC Fundamentals went well with a combination of good but simple technology and plain old-fashioned human connection – working wonders in the virtual space as well as it is in person.

The Virtual ORSC Advanced Series is well on its way globally – Mish helped pioneer the Virtual Intelligence course in North America in June, Virtual Geography debuted at the end of June, and Mish will be co-leading the first Virtual Path course in July with Virtual Systems Integration following from August.

In-person courses

The state of the global pandemic means that in-person courses are suspended at present. At this point we can only play by ear as things change by the day.

End of an era

After nine years bringing ORSC to Africa, Mish Middelmann is stepping out of the role of CRR Global business partner for Africa as from the end of June 2020. You will no longer be able to book public ORSC training through Mish as from now. Click here [link to follow] for more of the backstory on Mish’s changing role.

There is lots of good news about the opportunities for you to take your interest in, or involvement with ORSC further. There is a vibrant set of very effective Virtual ORSC training courses in progress around the world, and a global network of partners ready to offer in-person training again when that becomes possible.

New possibilities in Africa

There is a new entity emerging in Africa (“ORSC Pan-Africa Emerging”) – a group of seasoned ORSC coaches, administrators and facilitators namely Ronnie Ndlovu, Refiloe Mokonyane, Mohamed Amr, Cecil Murray and Klaus Lombardozzi – who aim to take on the management of public ORSC courses in Africa and offer a new schedule soon (likely virtual to begin with, in-person when that becomes possible).

And Mish is still available for in-house systems coaching and leadership development as well as remaining on the global ORSC faculty – i.e. teaching but not managing the public courses.

If you are new to ORSC

  • Let the new team know about your interest. You can send email to ORSC.PanAfrica@gmail.com so that the new Pan-Africa team can let you know as soon as they have an ORSC Fundamentals course ready for you at Africa pricing. This will likely be a Virtual ORSC Fundamentals (already tried and tested – far more engaging and interactive than you ever would have thought was possible virtually) – and it will likely be in the next few months.
  • If it is urgent, you can take the virtual courses via other international CRR Global partners. These courses are already happening in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America but there isn’t yet a centralised online listing. For now, please email info@CRRGlobal.com to get dates and details. Pricing will however be in international currencies and at rates different to what was offered in South Africa.

If you have already done some ORSC training

  • Take part in the ORSC Africa community. This is free, engaging, and informative. You can sustain and extend your skills and your network of connection via monthly Zoom meetings on the last Wednesday evening (7pm SAST) of every month. Send email to ORSC.AfricaCommunity@gmail.com to get onto the mailing list if you aren’t already receiving invitations
  • If you want advanced training urgently, you can take the virtual courses via other international CRR Global partners. The first virtual advanced series courses started in May 2020. You will soon be able to find dates and details for booking online and in the meantime please contact info@crrglobal.com. Pricing will however be in international currencies and at rates different to what was offered in South Africa.
  • Let the new ORSC Pan-Africa Emerging team know about your interest. If you send an email to ORSC.PanAfrica@gmail.com, the new Pan-Africa team will let you know as soon as they have an ORSC Series ready for you at Africa pricing.

ORSC courses at a glance

ORSC Africa links and changes at a glance

ORSC Fundamentals – in two intensive days you get a solid grounding in the ORSC model for transformational work with human systems in business and personal life. You get enough practical tools and skills to get started in the real world. And our ongoing support for the first three months.

This course is a pre-requisite for the advanced series.

Getting started with ORSC Fundamentals

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ORSC Fundamentals details

Advanced ORSC Series – an integrated in-depth programme including four three-day workshops spread over about six months, time for you to practice, a series of evening webinars on building your practice as a business, and the opportunity to get free ORSC coaching as a client. You walk away with a full professional team and relationship systems coaching toolkit and enough ICF accredited coach training hours for your first ICF credential.

Build mastery with Advanced Series

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The inner and outer journey to leading and coaching teams

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There is an optional third level which goes well beyond ICF certification, via an 8-month global ORSC Certification programme.

Why take the ORSC training?

Coach teams and partnerships

The best ICF-accredited method for coaching teams and partnerships

Essential leadership skills

Practical approach to leadership for the 21st Century: fully engaging your people’s creativity, collaboration and innovation.

We are always in relationship

ORSC equips you to be more skilful in relationship, and help others do so – wherever human beings connect and engage.

Our world demands collaboration across wide-ranging differences – yet few people have the skills to build strong, lasting relationships, whether at work or in their personal lives. ORSC is about building conscious and intentional relationship for personal and business success.

ORSC Africa Community

Are you ORSC trained?  Don’t miss out on our vibrant monthly community calls on #LastWednesday. We cover an array of topics from skills deep-dive, case studies and learning about the business of coaching. Connect on orsc@enterprisecoach.co.za for more information.

The purpose of the ORSC Africa Community is to share and nurture the wisdom of relationship, while deeply honouring our African context.